About Us

I was furloughed in the spring of 2020 like a lot of people. Whilst sowing various vegetables it occurred to me that every packet I purchased cost at least £1 and contained a lot of waste, 500 cabbages when I was sowing a dozen. I went online and was surprised that no-one was selling sensible quantities of common varieties at a greatly reduced rate.

I created a website and tested the water whilst going back to my full time job and then took the plunge to concentrate on Bargain Seeds full time. 

Maybe like me you sigh when you read generic mission statements that take you the customer for a fool, so I'll spare you that. I created this business for 2 main reasons, firstly because I saw a gap in the market and a chance to set up a business. Secondly because it seemed to be a good thing to enable ordinary gardeners a chance to make their £10 stretch to 20+ packets rather than a handful. 

In the last year we have processed thousands of orders and have some lovely regular customers, one lady orders every time we list something new.

A couple of similar websites have appeared, and gone, but I will be bold and say I think we offer the most sensible quantities at the best prices. 

I think it's fair to say we are now established as a reliable and caring small business and we hope customers old and new enjoy using the new website 

Best wishes

Bargain Seeds (Defra License NO 7709)