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Alyssum-Royal Carpet

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Approximately 175 Seeds

One of the most popular edging plants around, and it's no surpise. This variety produces stunning dark violet flowers which bloom all season long. As well as edging this fragrant flower is also ideal for rockeries and window boxes too.

 Height: 10-15cm

  • Spread: 30-40cm
  • Sow undercover with warmth 3-6 weeks before the last expected frost
  • Days to germination: 8-15
  • Planting depth: 4mm
  • Seed spacing: 2.5cm
  • Transplant when big enough to handle to grow on and then plant out when all danger of frost has passed
  • Plant spacing 15-20cm
  • Light: Full sun but also grows well in light shade
  • Lightly sheer back spent blooms to prolong flowering