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Aquilegia-Mckanas Giant Mixed

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Approximately 50 Seeds

Large mounds of beautiful flowers are borne on these tall, elegant plants. Pretty fairy-like flowers dance on the breeze as these brightly coloured blooms appear in quick succession in the late spring and early summer.

  • Sow under-cover from 4-8 weeks before the last frost through to Jul,
  • Cover seeds very lightly with vermiculite and expect germination within 2 – 6 weeks at 15 to 20 °C.
  •   Transplant and grow on gradually acclimatising to outdoor conditions.
  •   Seeds sown late will over-winter under glass / cover.
  •  Aquilegias will readily re-seed and can be sown direct to borders or in wild / natural grass areas.
  •  Feeding is unnecessary unless the soil is exceptionally poor. An aquilegia should not need staking.