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August Sowing Pack-Flowers

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This pack contains 4 different varieties suitable for sowing in August which aren't sold separately. 

Papaver Poppy Nudicaule Iceland Mix - Approx 100 Seeds

This easy-to-grow Bi-annual poppy is prized for its medium-sized, 2 to 4 inch, silky flowers in bright shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. Best when massed in large groups.

Cornflower- Mauve Boy -Approx 50 Seeds

Produces stunning a stunning display of flowers in clusters from Jun onwards on strong wiry stems reaching approx. 75cm – perfect for cutting & also drying. Centaurea is a hardy and easily grown cottage garden annual which prefers full sun and a rich well drained soil.

Antirrhinum Snapdragon-Tetra Mixed Approx 100 Seeds

These tall snapdragons with ruffled blooms produce stunning displays in a dazzling array of colors up to 30 inches high on robust growth.  If spent blooms are regularly cut back the plants will flower from early summer through to mid autumn.

Salvia - Scarlet Sage -Approx 75 Seeds

Scarlet or Blood Sage is a very attractive annual and a haven for insects and butterflies alike. The showy flowers are a vibrant bright red. About an inch long, and arranged in loose whorls along the upright stem.