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August Sowing Pack-Vegetables

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This pack contains 4 different varieties suitable for sowing in August which aren't sold separately. 

Kale Borecole - Black Tuscan -Approx 50 Seeds

The ultimate Kale variety originating from Tuscany,  A non-heading variety, the robust plants will produce rich, succulent, tasty, dark green leaves (pick them when they’re young and tender) throughout the harshest winters.

Carrot- Purple Haze Hybrid F1 - Approx 80 Seeds

Stunning looking purple-skinned carrots with deep orange flesh that will stand out in salads or as a steamed vegetable. Roots have a high antioxidant and vitamin content, so are best eaten raw having a sweet almost spicy flavour. Easy to grow. 90 days.

Claytonia Perfollata - Miners Lettuce - Approx 100 Seeds

Also known as Winter Purslane or Miner’s lettuce this succulent salad green has recently re-gained popularity as a mixed salad leaf and for use steamed similar to Spinach.  The main attraction is its ease of cultivation and its productivity through the winter cold months when little else is growing.

Cabbage- Pak Choi Red -Approx 50 Seeds

An eye catching Red F1 choi with purple red tops to their leaves and bright green stems. Fast growing it can be grown as a baby leaf salad or harvested as whole heads ideal for stir fry’s. The red colouration becomes much enhanced in colder weather.