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Basil Pack - 4 Varieties (Not sold Separately)

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This pack contains the following 4 unusual Basil varieties.

Holy BasilA Basil native to India, Holy Basil has highly aromatic narrow opal leaves and pink flowers with perfumed fragrance.  The plant has a reddish-Purple tinge which intensifies with heat and exposure to full sun. Approx 60 Seeds

Lime Basil-A compact plant with a distinct zesty aroma. Approx 75 Seeds

Basil-Blue Spice-A basil hybrid producing heavily fragrant leaves with an air of vanilla with light purple flowers in late summer.  Traditionally used medicinally and in tea and also in dishes you would use sweet basil in.  Also grown by gardeners in borders purely for its scent and ornamental properties.  (60cm in full flower) Approx 75 Seeds

Basil-Licorice - A very aromatic variety with an upright habit growing to 12in tall outdoors or slightly smaller if pot grown on a windowsill. Stems and leaves develop a purple colouring as they mature with pink purple attractive flowers. Best in salads, emphasising the purple leaves, in stir-fries, or on pasta where its subtle flavour can be appreciated. Commonly used Vietnamese and Thai cooking. Approx 50 Seeds