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Busy Lizzie (Impatien) Dwarf Baby Orange

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Approximately 50 Seeds

An excellent dwarf selection producing large vibrant orange blooms on 8-10 inch neat free flowering plants.  Perfect for hanging baskets, containers and the front of borders.  Stunning planted en-mass.

  • Sow under cover from 10 weeks prior to the last frost date.
  • Seed should be surface sown on pre-moistened quality seed compost and preferably lightly covered with fine vermiculite.  Cover container with clear plastic to retain moisture until seedlings emerge
  • Ideal temperature 70-75 F with germination from 14-21 days.
  • Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to trays or pots and grow on in cooler conditions.
  • Gradually acclimatize to outdoor conditions after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Finally plant out with 12 inch spacing in a sunny / part shaded location.
  • Flowers at 9-12 weeks after germination