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Approximately 75 Seed

Well-known herb, the seeds used to flavour bread, cakes, soups, etc., and the young leaves to add flavour to salads.

  • Best grown in full sun in well drained soil high in organic matter.
  • Can be sown in spring after the last frost or early autumn.
  • Caraway should always be direct seeded as seedlings do not transplant well.
  • Autumn sown seeds will often produce seed the following summer.
  • Sow thinly about a half inch deep and once large enough to handle thin to a final plant density of six to eight inches apart.
  • The seed is very slow to germinate, requiring patience and making weed control important during the seedling stage.
  • Since seed will not be produced until the second season, caraway is best grown alongside annuals such as beans or peas.