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Carnation: Chabaud Mix

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Approximately 50 Seeds

Highly fragrant and produces a mix of pure white, scarlet, bright pink, deep red and yellow double frilled flowers on sturdy 50cm stalks. A favourite with florists and for home cut flowers alike. Easy to grow. Annual

  • Sow 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost for flowers the same year or later as a biennial
  • Requires light to germinate so lightly press the seed into the growing medium and do not cover
  • Temperature: 21°C
  • Days to germination: 10-14
  • Do not get wet whilst watering until the first true leaves show
  • Transplant to 7.5cm pots when large enough to handle
  • Acclimatise to outdoor conditions and plant out when all danger of frost has passed
  • Plant spacing: 30cm or in groups of 3-4 for a dramatic look
  • Soil: Rich and well drained
  • Light Full sun
  • Keep watered in dry periods and will benefit from a feed once or twice a month when in flower