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Carrot: Royal Chantenay 🥕

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Approximately 200 Seeds

A fantastic carrot that has a sweet flavour and a crisp texture. Considered an excellent choice for heavy clay soil and is a brilliant all around type for all uses. Carrots benefit from good soil preparation for best results. 

  • Dig and till the carrot bed when the soil is fairly dry to avoid creating lumps. You want a fine, stone free, texture to allow the roots to grow long and straight
  • Avoid freshly manured soil as this may cause hairy, rough roots with splits and forks
  • Sow thinly in rows 1cm deep, and 30-40cm in between rows after all danger of frost has passed
  • Thin to 16-20 carrots per 30cm for eating while small and 6-10 carrots per 30cm for mid-season, larger roots.
  • Dispose of the thinned seedlings to avoid attracting carrot fly
  • As they grow earth up soil to ensure they stay covered thus avoiding green tops