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Cauliflower: Italian Di Sicilia Violetto

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Approximately 25 Seeds

A stunning regional cauliflower variety from Sicily. Medium-late rounded deep purple curds with excellent flavour are produced on a voluminous plant that forms side shoots after the main head is cut. Stunning colourful additional when raw to dips, will turn green when cooked, although steaming retains some colour.

  • Start indoors in a warm, well-lighted area from early March through June for the earliest of crops.
  • Sow seeds ¼” deep in good compost.
  • Keep evenly moist.
  • Seedlings emerge in 5-8 days at 70º F.
  • They do best covered lightly with soil.
  • Alternatively sow directly outside from early April.
  • Transplant seedlings outside at least 2-3 weeks before your last frost date.
  • They grow best at 55º to 65º F.
  • Do not let seedling become more that 5 weeks old because older seedlings do not mature well transplanted.
  • Set plants 18″ apart in rows 24″ apart.
  • Transplant seedlings in late June through July for Dec – Jan head harvest.
  • Water deeply once a week in dry weather.
  • Cultivate or mulch to control weeds.
  • High fertility and abundant supply of water throughout the growing season are important