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Celeriac - Giant Prague

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Approximately 40 Seeds

An heirloom variety introduced in 1871 producing large 5″ round crisp bulbous white roots with a wonderful piquant flavour, similar to celery. A versatile vegetable for mash, soups, stews or grated raw in salads. Stores well after autumn harvest.

  • Sow 4-5mm deep from 4 weeks prior to the last frost under-cover with warmth at 65F.
  • Germination can be extremely slow.
  • When large enough to handle, plant to trays and grow on under cooler conditions.
  • Temperature under 50F will encourage bolting.
  • After all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed plant to final growing position with 8-10 in between plants.
  • Celeriac is a heavy feeder and requires a rich soil and constant moisture for best performance