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Cerinthe major

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Approximately 10 Seeds

A beautiful border plant native to Southern Europe classed as an annual but may well survive in sheltered spots in southern England over-winter. Reaching 18-24 in it has fleshy blue / green leaves with sea blue bracts and clusters of tubular rich / purple blue tubular hanging bell like flowers.

  • Sow under glass or indoors with warmth (21 c) Jan – Mar.  Sowing depth 1-2 mm in well – draining seed compost.  Germination 7-21 days.
  • Transplant when large enough to handle 2 in apart and grow on under glass.  Gradually acclimatize to outdoors before planting out in full sun after all danger of frost has passed 5 cm apart.
  • Can be sown directly to the flowering position from Mid Apr onward if spring has been warm.
  • Will readily self-seed.