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Chilli Pepper: Bishops Crown 🌶

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Approximately 10 Seeds

An unusual and medium hot variety from Barbados producing wrinkled-hat or bell shaped peppers turning deep red when fully mature.  Tall variety with weeping branches from the heavy fruit. Needs to be started early in northern European conditions as it is extremely late to mature.  Best under glass.  Sometimes called Fryers Hat or Monks Hat.

  • Sow seeds 1/4″ deep in 3in pots with quality seed compost.  Keep moist.  Seedlings emerge in 10-21 days at 70 degrees F+.  Temperature is critical for germination.
  • Transplant to individual containers when seedlings have at least two pairs of leaves.
  • When 4-5 inches plant 18″ apart in greenhouse / conservatory with root ball 1/2″ below the soil surface.
  • Keep moist and feed when flowering with tomato type fertiliser.
  • Harvest when fruits have reached full-size and full colour.