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Cleome-Violet Queen

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Approximately 50 Seeds

The showy Violet flowers produce extraordinarily long stamens protruding from the large scented flowers, and both these and the long seed pods later in the season give the flowers a very spidery appearance.

The plants reach 5 ft., preferring full sun to very light shade and do best in a well-drained soil mix in a sheltered position. Please note this variety will not tolerate frost, cold winds or exposed sites.

  • Cleome can be tricky to germinate successfully and needs warmth to thrive once established.
  • Seed should be chilled for 5-7 days in a standard refrigerator prior to sowing.
  • Sow in fine well drained seed compost, barely covering the seed with growing medium.
  • The best time to sow is 4-5 weeks prior to the last frost in your area.
  • They require temperature fluctuations to germinate.Best placed in high warmth (75-80F ie Airing cupboard / heated propagator) during the day and taken out over night and kept at 60-65F (Room temp).
  • Germination averages 10-14 days in conditions are correct.
  • Oncethe first leaves have formed prick out to trays and grow on in cooler conditions.
  • Avoid placing outdoors unless under glass until the weather and soil has warmed.
  • Protect from slugs / snails until well established.