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Coleus-Rainbow Mix

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Approximately 75 Seeds

Grown for its stunningly colourful foliage it is a welcome addition to any container planting design although it is equally at home in a border or in a pot as a house plant. Reaching 30-45cm this variety benefits from pinching out to encourage a bushy habit. Easy to grow. Annual

  • Sow undercover with warmth from early spring or in an unheated greenhouse from May onwards for outdoor planting. Can be sown indoors on a windowsill at any time
  • Lightly press seed into growing medium and do not cover as light is needed for germination
  • Days to germination: 7-10 days
  • Transplant when the first two sets of true leaves have formed about 10 weeks after sowing
  • Remove any flowers that appear to encourage the plant to concentrate all energy into the foliage