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Cucumber: Armenian Yard Long

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Approximately 10 Seeds

A unique and unusual variety producing mild flavoured, light green, heavily ribbed fruits grow 24-36 inches long (Best flavour at 12-18 in), that will twist and turn if allowed to grow on the ground, or stay straight on a trellis.

  • Sow under cover (protected) from Mid spring,
  • 3-4 seeds 1in deep in a 3in pot in good compost,
  • and thin later to the best one or two plants per clump.
  • Transplant no later than 3 weeks after seeding as cucumbers have a tap root that can be easily damaged.
  • Ensure the weather is warm if planting outside,
  • ensuring a sheltered and sunny position.
  • Cucumbers germinate and grow best when summer really gets going or under glass.
  • To avoid bitterness, keep plants evenly moist at all times.
  • Can be trained on a trellis to save garden space or left to roam.
  • Keep them picked and they’ll keep producing.