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Cucumber: Crystal Lemon

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Approximately 12 Seeds

This little round cucumber is best harvested at Lemon Size. It is very versatile, you can eat them out of your hand like an apple, use them in salads, pickle them or dip them in hummus!

  • Sow under cover (protected) from Mid spring, 3-4 seeds 1in deep in a 3in pot in good compost, and thin later to the best one or two plants per clump.
  • Transplant no later than 3 weeks after seeding as cucumbers have a tap root that can be easily damaged. Ensure the weather is warm if planting outside, ensuring a sheltered and sunny position. Cucumbers germinate and grow best when summer really gets going or under glass.
  • To avoid bitterness, keep plants evenly moist at all times.
  • Can be trained on a trellis to save garden space or left to roam.
  • Keep them picked and they’ll keep producing.