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Cucumber: White Wonder 🥒

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Approximately 10 Seeds

An outdoor heirloom variety, originating from America in the late 1890s. Its attractive creamy-ivory, 6-8 inch long fruits with delicious white crispy flesh and mild sweet flavour are reliably produced in abundance on good strong vigorous plants that can be left on the ground or grown with support. Very easy variety to grow.

  • Sow seeds 13-25mm. Keep the seed compost moist and use a propagator or a warm windowsill
  • Minimum temperature 20-24°C
  • Days to germination: 3-4
  • Transplant no later than 3 weeks after seeding to avoid damage to the tap root
  • Inconsistent watering can lead to oddly shaped or poorly tasting fruit. Avoid getting the foliage wet
  • Harvest fruit regularly to encourage further production