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Dahlia: Cactus Mix

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Approximately 30 Seeds

One of our personal favourites.

What a stunner! Huge hand sized flowers that are double bloomed with pointed petals in a profusion of colours. Plants reach 60cm in height and are perfect for pots, tubs, borders and beds. Half-hardy annual

  • Sow from late winter onwards indoors or under cover with warmth
  • Days to germination: 7-10
  • Optimum temperature: 18-21°C
  • Planting depth: 6mm
  • Spacing: 45cm
  • Keep soil damp but not wet, you can seal in a polythene bag to aid germination
  • When large enough to handle transplant to 7cm pots and grow on in cooler conditions before acclimatising to outside after all risk of frost has passed
  • Prefers moisture retentive soil in full sun
  • Dead head to prolong flowering