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Flower Mix - Shade (Native/New World Mix)

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Approximately 100 Seeds

This mix is specifically designed so you can sown them in partial to medium shade. A vibrant mix of native and new world flowers, both annual and perennial varieties. It will deliver a blanket of colour spanning the summer months. It is both visually stunning and attractive to pollinating insects.

1 Pack is advisable for an area of 1 Square Metre.

Contains the following: Chinese Forget me not, Candytuft, Coreopsis, Coneflower Purple, Annual Gypsophila, Larkspur, Corn Poppy, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Snapdragon, Viola ‘ Helens Mount, Clarkia, Aquilegia Mckanas Mix, Aquilegia Dwarf, Myosotis ‘ Forget me not, Mimulus ‘ Monkey Flower.

  • You can sow the seeds from late autumn to late spring.
  • Weed the area as best as possible as this mix is best on bare soil.
  • Rake over then roller or walk on area to firm the soil.
  • To help with even sowing and to see where you scattered the seed and mix 3 to 1 with dry sharp sand.
  • Once sown the seed you can gently rake them in and then if rain is not imminent watered with a fine spray attachment.