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Foxglove (Digitalis): Purple

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Approximately 125 Seeds

This popular native bi-annual woodland plant produces spikes of 6ft bell flowers in a stunning shade of Purple, in their second year which are spotted inside and are very attractive to insects. 

  • For flowering in the first season sow in early spring in good free draining seed compost.
  • Very lightly cover the seed
  • Days to germination: 10-21
  • Temperature: 13-15°C
  • When large enough to handle transplant to 7.5cm pots and grow on in cooler conditions
  • Plant out when all danger of frost has passed
  • Plant spacing:30cm
  • If you sow for flowering the following year (biennial) sow late spring or summer outdoors 2mm deep in a well prepared seed bed and transplant to final flowering position when large enough to handle