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Gourmet Salad Pack - 5 Varieties (Not Sold Separately)

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These 5 quick growing varieties aren't your standard salad fayre, together they offer great taste and some wonderful colour to your plate. All are easy to grow.

Radish Bluemoon F1 -  Approx 50 Seeds

This unique hybrid has unusual blue skin and flesh. The cylindrical roots have a crisp texture and a refreshing, mild flavour.that is add to stir fries or salad.

Sorrel Lemon - Approx 50 Seeds

A fast growing and vigorous perennial (also known as lemon sorrel) dating back to medieval times, but seen less often now. The leaves are mild-flavored, like spinach but without the astringency that spinach often has.  Keep well-trimmed to encourage tender young leaves and remove any flowers as it will readily self-seed.

Spring Onion - North Holland Blood Red - Approx 60 Seeds

An excellent dual purpose sweet onion that can be harvested young as a bunching onion or thinned and left to mature into a small bulbing onion. The base stem is an intense beautiful red with a mild salad onion flavor.

Lettuce Tom Thumb - Approx 50 Seeds

A wonderful miniature lettuce producing compact solid butterheads with deliciously soft sweet leaves. Ideal for smaller spaces.Grow as close as 15cm (6in.) Apart and makes a useful early crop in a cold frame or cloches. Very fast growing, easily grown indoors or out, and takes about 50 days from seed to harvest

Micrograms- Baby Leaves-Mustard Wasabina Improved - Approx 250 Seeds

Grow your own Microgreens as a wonderful healthy garnish and addition to salads. These seedling are full of beneficial nutrients. They can be harvested by the first true leaf stage or grown on and harvested as a leaf salad. They have strong flavours and also look good.

This mustard is a specialist Japanese green mustard which has a hot wasabi taste with lovely serrated leaf