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Hot Chilli Pack (5 Varieties not sold separately)

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All packs have sow by dates into 2024. Limited numbers available.

The 5 varieties included are:

Fatalii Extremely Hot 

Extremely hot fruits are produced in abundance which turn from dark green to golden yellow when mature.  Originating from Central Africa the plants produce good yields of 3″ long by 1 ¼” wide wrinkled hot peppers.  Out of the top peppers for heat this is considered the best because of its excellent citrusy flavour and very few seeds.  Excellent choice for pots.  Plant Height: 30″ tall. 10 Seeds

Habanero Tobago Seasoning

Plant produces good yields of 2″ long by 1 ¼” wide hot peppers. Peppers are mildly hot and turn from light green, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Excellent for making spicy seasoning. A variety from Tinidad & Tobago. Best grown under glass, as fruits need a hot summer to ripen fully.  Matures 100+ days from germination. 10 Seeds

Large Red Cherry

Heavy crops of round Red hot chili peppers.  Very hot, nearly round, deep green, 1-1/4 inch fruits turn cherry red.  Walls are medium thick.  Continuous fruiting over a long season.  Heavy crops.  Harvest starts about 80 days after potting on. 10 Seeds

Numex Suave Orange

A Habanero type pepper specifically bred by the New Mexico State University to deliver the entire excellent Habanero flavor without the extreme heat. The word ‘suave’ is Spanish for mellow, smooth or mild. The fruits have a citrus like flavour with an orange lemony overtone and an apricot aroma. The yields are excellent and plants vigorous. 10 Seeds


A stunning very ornamental edible pepper named due to its similarity to the popular Xmas plant.  The 3” long ½” long hot hooked fruits ripen to an attractive red and are born in great abundance and top the plant as they grow upwards in large clumps. 10 Seeds