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Ipomoea Lobata: Jungle Queen (Mina Lobata)

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Approximately 15 Seeds

Historically known as Mina lobata, this wonderful climber produces up to 12 blooms per flower spike, the blooms turning from red to orange to yellow to white as they age, creating a beautiful effect. Ideal for a sunny border or container. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 1.2-1.8m (4-6’).

  • Sow from Feb-May in individual plugs / pots under cover with warmth provided to ideally achieve a soil temp of 25c during germination.  The growing medium should be well drained.
  • Once germinated grow on under cooler conditions under glass.
  • Can be planted outside in the ground from late May or early in containers.
  • Plants will require support and framework to climb through.