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Leek: Autumn Mammoth

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Approximately 40 Seeds
These leeks are exhibition quality with shanks that are long, thick and white and are produced over a long season. They're also very frost resistant, keeping the crops in top condition for longer
  • Leek is extremely hardy.
  • Sow sparingly directly in drills in early-mid spring, the aim to produce pencil thick plants of around 8” tall for transplant to their final position.
  • Can be planted in trays under cover and transplanted for an earlier crop.
  • When pencil size (around Jun/Jul) lift carefully and remove the top third of the foliage and 1/3 of the roots.
  • Transplant in pre-made holes of 4-6 inches deep, 8 inches between plants in a sunny position with rotted organic matter incorporated.  If space is limited this can be reduced, provided you pull alternative plants when young to make space for the remainder to grow.
  • When transplanting carefully poor water into the hole to wash soil around the roots, then leave and earth up as they grow to blanche the stems. (Do not get soil between the leaves).
  • Harvest alternate plants when large enough for use.