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Liatris Spicata (Gayfeather)

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Approximately 40 Seeds.

A stunning hardy perennial delivering excellent displays of showy tall plumes of fluffy purple flowers in summer. The foliage is attractive with Narrow, grassy leaves reaching up to 3 ft.



  • The seed is best stratified prior to sowing unless sown directly outside in early winter.
  • (This breaks the seeds dormancy)
  • A period of 4-6 weeks in a standard fridge prior is sufficient.
  • In addition nicking the seed case prior to sowing helps promote germination.
  • If sown in trays, start from mid-winter onwards sowing on well-drained soil based medium at 4-5mm depth.
  • Maximum germination is achieve by providing distinct fluctuations in temperature (55 to 70F)
  • simulating day night temperatures outdoors.
  • Germination should take 2-3 weeks for pre-stratified seed.
  •  plant out in a fully sunny location.
  • A nutrient rich soil is best which does not get heavily waterlogg over-winter.