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Lobelia: Colour Cascade

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Approximately 175 Seeds

Beautiful colours, a mixture of shades, blue, mauve, lilac and red, some with white eyes, and also white. Beautiful colours for hanging baskets. Trailing variety

  • Sow undercover with warmth 4-8 weeks prior to the last expected frost
  • Temperature: 18-24°C
  • Sow on the surface of a fine seed compost by gently firming down. Do not cover as light is required to aid germination
  • Days to germination: 10-21
  • When large enough to handle transplant in bunches to larger trays or pots and grow on in cooler conditions
  • Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 10-15 days before planting out once all danger of frost has passed
  • Plant spacing: 10cm
  • Soil: Light & moist
  • Light: Full sun/partial shade