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Sunflower: Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia Red Torch 🌻

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Approximately 25 Seeds

Whilst this is quite common to see in its native Mexico, you rarely see it over here in the UK, but we don't know why. This luxurious looking plant produces rich bright orange/red flowers which grow to upto 1.5m high.
  • Sow mid spring onwards with warm provided ideally under cover in trays.
  • Sow thinly and lightly cover at a minimum of 60C.  They will not germinate if cold.
  • Germination in 10-21 days.
  • Thin and prick out when large enough to handle.
  • Grow on and plant out after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Ideally plants should be 45-60cm apart when mature.