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Mustard-Mizuna Lime Streaked

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Approximately 50 Seeds

Mustard Mizuna Lime Streaked is a new and alternative variety to the standard green Mizuna. Producing fringed red/purple & green striped leaves with a milder flavour than Rocket (Arugula). The thin green stalks are tasty as well making this perfect as baby leaves for salads. Mature leaves have more flavour. Continues to produce many weeks from one planting, with continued re-growth after cutting Very cold tolerant and will stand well into winter. Suitable for containers. Approx. 21 days for baby leaves; 40 days full size.

  • Sow from early spring through to autumn. Cover seed with 1/4 inch fine soil.
  • Days To Germination:  7-14
  • Sow at 2-4 week intervals for continued harvest.
  • Keep soil moderately moist during germination.
  • Space rows about 18 inches apart or closer if limited in space.
  • Thin plants gradually to 6 inches apart in rows. Enjoy thinned greens in a salad.
  • Harvest outer leaves when young for best flavour, leaving inner leaves to grow out.