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Passion Fruit (Edible)

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Approximately 10 Seeds

A beautiful climber that produces stunning Purple/white flowers and fruits that when ripe are a brown colour, a real eye catcher that also gives the benefit of the fruits. This climber can be VERY vigorous so choose a position that is in full sun and has plenty of space for the plant to spread. Pruning annually will help to keep the fruits in reach !

Sow the seeds in a good quality seed compost and cover lightly with approx 2.5 mm compost.
Place in a propagator / heated greenhouse and maintain a temp of min 20 Deg C
The seedlings once germinated and large enough to handle should then be re-potted on into 3 " pots.
When finally planting out find a sunny sheltered spot with good drainage but plenty of organic matter added.
In order for the fruits to 'Set' it is essential that these are grown in a very sunny sheltered position or in a green/glass house