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Pea: Asparagus Pea

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Approximately 15 Seeds

Pretty flowers and tasty pods, what more could you want? This is a low growing plant, which produces an attractive red flower. The pods/peas should be picked when no longer than 3cm long, and are best steamed as they then retain their asparagus like flavour.

  • For earliest harvest sow under cover from March – April with heat provided (65-70F) in 3in pots or spaced in trays.  They will not germinate in cool damp locations.
  • Harden off and plant out after all danger of frost has passed 4 in apart and if in rows with 12in between rows.
  • Can be sown directly outside from May onwards.
  • Support is not essential but may help keep the pods off the soil.
  • The plants prefer well drained soil and a sunny location.