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Pumpkin-Mammoth Gold

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Approximately 5 Seeds

A great choice for the kids to grow in readiness for carving at Halloween. Shape is an irregular globe which may have a flat side from resting on the ground.  They can grow to a weight of between 25-45kg. The fine orange flesh is great for pies, cooking and the large seeds can be roasted for a delicious healthy snack.

  • A sunny spot protected from strong winds is essential.
  • The soil must be well drained and rich in humus, the more the better.
  • Many winter Squash / Pumpkins like to sprawl out and need plenty of space.
  • Vining Squash / Pumpkins require a larger area to run,
  • whilst semi-vining and bush varieties of winter squash / courgette can be well contained.
  • For an early start (Mid / Late Apr) place a single seed edgeways 1/2inch deep in seed compost in a 3inch pot.
  • The critical part is temperature, these need at least 65F continuous soil temperature
  • (preferably more to maximise germination rates) until germinated,
  • so a propagator, well heated greenhouse or airing cupboard is ideal
  • Keep the soil moist – water copiously around the plants, not over them.
  • Keep weed free to allow air circulation.
  • Once the fruits start to swell feed every 14 days with a tomato type fertilizer,
  • these are greedy plants.
  • Limit larger fruiting varieties to 2-3 fruits (for giant pumpkins 1