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Approximately 50 Seeds

Known also as ‘Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou’ or banana shallots, this heritage variety produces larger than average brownish pink-skinned bulbs.   They are well-loved by chefs as they are easy to peel and full of flavor.

  • Best direct sown outdoors from late March to April when the soil has started warming in full sun on firm, well drained ground.  Avoid very wet or cold ground.
  • Well rotted organic matter can be incorporated onto the sowing area the month prior.
  • Sow thinly to avoid thinning at a depth of 6-8mm on a fine tilled soil with around 30cm (12″) between rows.
  • Thin excess seedlings to around 4-5cm between plants.
  • Protect the young seedlings with netting from birds during spring.