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Spinach-Giant Winter

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Approximately 50 Seeds

A fine, dark green leaved early maturing variety, large in size with a spreading rather than upright habit.  Extra large semi-savoyed lance-shaped leaves are cold-hardy, flavoursome and tender

  • Days To Maturity:  45-60
  • Planting Depth:  1/2 inch
  • Spacing, Row:  12-18 inches
  • Spacing, plants: Sow 12-18 seeds per foot
  • Light:  Sunny Location
  • Spinach germinates best in cool soil.
  • Sow late late summer through to late Autumn
  • Sow about 12-18 seeds per foot, 1/2 inch deep, in rows 12-18 inches apart and thin when large enough.
  • Harvest young spinach leaves during growth and full-size, but before bolting.
  • Cut just below root attachment for “rooted spinach”, or cut higher for “clipped spinach.”
  • Protect during harsh cold spells and from winter birds.
  • Spinach grows on a wide range of soils if moist and fertile, but is sensitive to acidity.