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Sprouting Seeds-Mung Bean

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Approx 150 Seeds

These grow in about 2-5 days. They are highly nutritious and add a crunchy, fresh texture. Extensively used in oriental cooking and salads.

  • Soak mungs for the 8-12 hours in warm water.
  • Drain off the water, rinse and empty the seeds into your sprouter if you have one or any tray / container. Set anywhere – in low light and at room temperature (70° is optimal).
  • Rinse and Drain every 12 hours for 2-5 days depending on required sprout size. When you Rinse try not to disturb the seeds/sprouts. The beans need to stay where they are – to form a mass that is unmovable.
  • When ready, transfer your sprout crop to a plastic bag or the sealed container of your choice and refrigerator.