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Squash-Italian Winter Marina Di Chioggia

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Approx 5 Seed

This very old Italian Heirloom rustic variety originates near Venice and is considered the King of Italian Squashes. Large unique turban shaped deep blue-green 6-10lb fruit are produced on vigorous vines with a rich, sweet, deep yellow-orange flesh of outstanding quality.

  • A sunny spot protected from strong winds is essential.
  • The soil must be well drained and rich in humus, the more the better.
  •  fill each hole at least 12” square with garden compost and paper at the bottom into which goes a single plant.
  • For bush varieties 24in between each plant is fine – 48in for vines.
  • Many winter Squash / Pumpkins like to sprawl out and need plenty of space.
  • Vining Squash / Pumpkins require a larger area to run, whilst semi-vining and bush varieties of winter squash / courgette can be well contained.
  • If space is tight just keep turning the branches back to the centre to prevent spreading and over-running other plants.