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Strawberry Sticks (Strawberry Spinach)

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Approximately 25 Seeds

Strawberry sticks are relatively unknown but they are a great addition to any garden. The light green leaves can be cooked and used like spinach, and the strawberry like fruits are also delicious to pick and eat.

  • Can be sown early, under cover, in trays of well drained seed compost.
  • Germination 10-14 days
  • Prick out when large enough to handle and grow on, gradually acclimatising after all danger of frost has passed before planting out.
  • Larger plants do not like being disturbed.
  • Can be sown direct to the growing position when the soil has warmed, and weeds are growing vigorously.
  • Harvest young leaves around 60 days after sowing, the fruits only form after the plant has bolted and flowered.