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Sweetcorn: Popping Strawberry 🌽

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Approximately 10 Seeds

A colourful Heirloom which is highly decorative and recognised as a great popping corn. Plants reach up to 1.25 metres and yield 2-4 15cm cobs. Great for school projects as they are easy to grow.

 Days to germination: 4-12

  • Location: Full sun
  • Likes good drainage and enough humus to prevent drying out too quickly
  • Sow undercover in spring in 7cm pots 2.5cm deep at a minimum temperature of 10°C and harden off before planting out
  • Spacing 30cm between both plants and rows, plant in blocks to aid pollination
  • Mulch any roots that appear to help retain moisture
  • Each plant will produce 1-2 cobs, test for ripeness when the silks have turned dark brown. Squeeze the grains, a creamy liquid will appear when fully ripe