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Sweetcorn: Ornamental Fiesta 🌽

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Approximately 10 Seeds

A colourful Heirloom which has ears full of bright coloured kernels (red, blue, purple, yellow, gold, black and white). While these are edible, they are not as sweet as the modern yellow F1 hybrids. Plants reach up to 2 metres. Dry for ornamental use. 

  • Likes good drainage and enough humus to prevent drying out too quickly
  • Sow undercover in spring in 7cm pots 2.5cm deep at a minimum temperature of 10°C and harden off before planting out
  • Spacing 30cm between both plants and rows, plant in blocks to aid pollination
  • Mulch any roots that appear to help retain moisture
  • Each plant will produce 1-2 cobs, test for ripeness when the silks have turned dark brown. Squeeze the grains, a creamy liquid will appear when fully ripe