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Turnip: Gold Ball

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Approximately 40 Seeds

One of the best late cropping varieties around. It has an excellent mild, nutty and firm texture and goes well into winter without becoming woody. Harvest when the roots reach 7cm for maximum flavour and texture. The globes are a smooth yellow with golden flesh and the greens can be utilised when young and tender. Can be slow to germinate so patience is required but they are worth it.

  • Sow outside as soon as soil is workable. Avoid freshly manured areas
  • Sow a second crop in late summer for an autumn/winter harvest
  • Cover seeds with 6mm of fine soil
  • Row spacing: 38-45cm
  • When seedlings are 5-10cm tall thin to 10-15cm apart
  • Days to germination: 14-21 (can be longer depending on soil & weather conditions)