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Viola: Johnny Jump Up

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Approximately 75 Seeds

So cheerful and eye catching. Probably the most well-known and popular variety. The tri-coloured flowers in purple, yellow and white grow on small plants growing 10-30cm tall. So versatile in its positioning as it suits shady areas, borders, beds, interplantation with spring bulbs, containers, baskets and rockeries. Happily self-seeds and is a delight for your guests when you add the edible flowers to your summer salads. Perennial

  • Sow seeds undercover in warmth 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost
  • Seed depth: 2mm. Darkness is required to aid germination
  • Keep seed moderately moist but not waterlogged during germination
  • Days to germination:10-20
  • For later blooms so outdoors in mid-spring once danger of frost has passed
  • If you are in a mild winter area you may also sow outdoors in late summer or early autumn to over winter
  • Gradually acclimatise young plants to outdoor conditions once all danger of frost has passed
  • Plant spacing: 15-20cm