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Approx 150 Seeds

Far easier to grow than many think, Watercress with its dark green peppery flavour. Rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and iron can be grown in any garden.

  • Sow thinly in mid spring when the soil has warmed in drills 8cm apart lightly covering with soil.  Can be sown indoors all year round.
  • The location does need to extremely wet / waterlogged which can be generated on a pond margins, by burying a bucket or lining an area with a plastic membrane.A pot or trough stood in a good sized saucer / tray in water will also suffice.
  • Thin seedlings out to 8-10 cm apart and ensure they are watered to saturation throughout the season.
  • Keep weed free.
  • Once established harvest by cutting the tops with scissors on a regular basis to encourage re-growth.Avoid cutting too far down the stems in order to allow the plant to re-shoot