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Watermelon: Crimson Sweet 🍉

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Approximately 10 Seeds

Crimson Sweet develops large 15- to 25-pound (6.8 to 11.3 kilos) fruits with lovely dark and light green striping and deeply red flesh. The melons are oval with blunt ends and ripen just as the summer heat is beginning to sizzle.

Sow April-May 1cm deep in 7cm pots. Place in a propagator or somewhere you can maintain temperature at 20-25°C

  • Days to germination: 5-7
  • Once plants have their first set of true leaves pot on to a 13cm pot for a few weeks
  • Water regularly and feed with a liquid fertiliser every two weeks
  • Pinch out the tip at the 4 leaf stage and train side shoots
  • The fruit is ripe when it sounds hollow if you tap it with your knuckles