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Zinnia: Giant Envy

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Approximately 50 Seeds

A stunning unusual lime green colour Zinnia variety delivering magnificent, huge 4-5 inch, flat petalled, semi-double flowers on strong, 75-100cm tall plants.

  • Sow thinly under-cover 4-6 weeks in good quality seed compost prior to the last frost at 70F.   Lightly cover with soil and keep moist.
  • Germination in 5 -10 days.
  • Can be sown outdoors in well drained soil in early summer, but seedlings will need protection from pests and warmth.
  • When large enough to handle thin & transplant to trays and grow on under cooler conditions.
  • For bushier growth, pinch back young plants.
  • Feed monthly.
  • Remove faded blossoms to prolong flowering.